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Embarking upon the journey of restructuring; Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays have partnered with Gudio Eickelbeck  and his company VIP Cycling.

Guido Eickelbeck is a former professional cyclist and the owner of VIP Cycling, a well established and experienced company specializing in customized cycling holidays in the premium segment.

Upon this new  partnership Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays and VIP Cycling will continuously launch new products and provide new services available throughout 2019.

The Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays’ passion and drive have  always been to provide the most unique cycling holiday experience with a strong emphasis on excellent client care catering for all clients at all cycling levels.

Our ambition is to maintain and provide a unique cycling holiday experience paired with our user friendly, accessible website where all clients can create a bespoke customized cycling package tailored to their desires.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board with us!!!