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Choose one of 4 different group levels, for each ride, on each day,
or even change level, mid-ride… whatever your legs tell you!

Level 1

Avid Cyclist / Passionate Rider

Average 85-115 km /ride

Up to 130 km on a long day

My lifestyle is…
The bike is an important part of my life! I train as often as I can and enjoy a fast pace ride. I love to train and possibly even race.

I enjoy…
All terrains, especially heat pounding climbs, fast flats and winding descents.

Level 2

Experienced Cyclist

Average 70-90 km /ride

Up to 110 km on a long day

My lifestyle is…
I ride my bike on a weekly basis and go out on weekends at least once for a long ride. I have taken part in cycling challenges before and possibly competed in a few races.

I enjoy…
All terrains! I enjoy muscle shredding climbs as much as adrenaline rush descents.

Level 3

Intermediate / Regular Cyclist

Average 70-85 km /ride

Up to 90 km on a long day

My lifestyle is…
I’m relatively fit and ride my bike on a regular basis either to commute to work, for fitness (spinning counts) or for leisurely spins.

I enjoy…
Rolling terrain with flat sections, bigger hills and gentle descents. What I love the most is the feeling of accomplishment when reaching the top of the climb!

Level 4

Leisure Cyclist

Average 60-80 km /ride

Up to 80 km on a long day

My lifestyle is…
I’m fairly fit and enjoy going for a small spin on weekends, if the weather is good.

I enjoy…
I mostly prefer flat roads but like a few hills, and descents for the challenge. .

4 Levels of Rider

Our rides are designed to cater for 4 different levels of cyclist, from the more casual “Leisure Cyclist” (Level 4) all the way up to the “Avid/Club Cyclist” (Level 1). The daily ride for each level may cover the same main points of interest, but will differ in average speed, length & amount of climbing, and total length of route, depending on the group.

Group Levels are defined each day

Our aim always to accommodate you and your level of ability, so while we provide the above guide as an indication of the range of different groups, the actual level of each ride group will vary slightly based on the abilities of all our guests on the day.

Choose your daily ride level

Our rides range between 70 and 105 km each day. Every afternoon the rides for the following day will be displayed on the big notice board in the bike garage. Each rider writes their name in the group of their choice for the following day’s ride. Each ride is graded by average speed (18-35 km/h) and by the difficulties of the route. Carrefull when assigning yourself to a group, as Mallorca might be more hilly then what you are used to back home, which will affect your average speed.

Morning Briefing

Rides depart between 9:00 and 9:30 am from our garage at the Ponent Mar Hotel and will return between 1:00 and 2:30 pm. There is a full briefing for all the different ride groups on the day ahead, 5 minutes before departure.

Ride Captains with every group

The rides are organised and supervised by our professionally trained Ride Captains who head out with the groups each morning. The Ride Captains play an important role in the smooth running of the rides and are there to make sure rides are fun, full of energy, but most importantly they are there for your safety.

Coffee Stops :)

Our Ride Captains have found some of the best places on the island to stop and take in the fantastic views; and, as part of each ride, we always find the time to fit in a quick coffee stop. So remember to bring a few euros with you on each ride, especially if you fancy a slice of some well-earned cake along the way!

First Aid & Skoda Vehicle Support

Our Ride Captains are first-aid trained and all carry mobile phones so that they can be in constant contact with our support vehicle at all times. Our Skoda support vehicle follows the groups and carries spare wheels and a variety of other equipment you may need on the day – whether it is mechanical assistance, electrolyte or water, or if you just need to take a rest.

Saturday: Long or short!

On Saturdays, you can opt for either a long 95 km ride or a short 50 km ride, to allow those with afternoon flights enough time to get back to the Hotel and transfer to the airport! The short is on sign on basis, so don’t forget to put your name down at the office.

Wednesday: Rest day or Sa Calobra

Wednesdays are rest days – when most of our team take the day to recuperate. However, for those riders who want to experience the most iconic climbs on the island, we have an optional extra ride to the world famous Sa Calobra. This ride is €75 and can be booked on arrival in Mallorca.

Riding Costs

Prices are per person.
Carbon Bike Hire is optional but recommended.

Guided Riding is provided as a package with Hotel Accommodation

Stephen Roche Guided Rides Mallorca
Guided Riding €34 /day
Guided Riding (7+ days) €20 /day
Special weekly rate €140 /week

Ride one of our exceptional Carbon Bikes

Stephen Roche Guided Rides Mallorca
Carbon Bike Hire Daily Rate €35 /day
Carbon Bike Hire (7+ days) €25 /day